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i got my messenger back and ready to chat again :D !

29 year old straight Male . Half Mexican/Caucasian . looking for friends . weird . clumsy . dimwitted/goofy at times serious at times. i like to love a woman down . to romance them . to make people laugh . i get quiet at times then other times i cant stop talking . a music man of all music besides opera and country .

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Favorite Quote a female always remember what a male tries to forget
  • a little Mexican
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Music I like all kinds of music . other than opera and country .
Movies horror . comedy .
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I Romance Is The Key

First Date What to do on your first date with a female . First off find a romantic movie with a hot gorgeous woman in it .(the reason for that is you have to make her feel more gorgeous) then go into the... [more]
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  • I Have a Younger Sister

    My Sister Makayla My Sister Makayla How do i even start . She is my everything , We are 2 years apart . I was closer to her than i was with my older brother Blake .I was  Always protected of her . To her i was o… [more]
  • I If Only I Had Superpowers

    If I Had Superpowers if i had superpowers i would fly to every wreck that was going to happen . and stop the cars from crashing . I would fly over the water . would stop the boats from sinking . people from drownin… [more]
  • I Sisters Cancer

    The Day I Found Out My Sister Had Cancer . First off . My sister is 2 years younger than me . We did everything together while growing up . We were closer than me and my older brother was . We hung out with our own gang . as we called it . par… [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    I Dream Of Dead People And People Dying . I work the midnight shift . so i sleep during the morning hours . I have heard that you dream mostly in the daytime . I been having this dream . the same dream several times . I am living in this hous… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    The night i blacked out my town .
    I was 19 at the time . living in a trailer in a trailer park . my parents were visiting at the time . The neighbor in the  trailer on the side of us were outside screaming and fighting with each other . it was getting annoying . they were loud . my dad told me the best way to stop the fight is take your 12 gauge and shoot it off in the air . Being stupid i went out there and shot in the air away from all the trailers . *it was dark outside* all of a sudden the whole town or half of the town . all around us . pizza hut . convenience stores . dairy queen and so on . city street lights . traffic lights were all out  . I hit the electrical transmitter . blowing it up . i said *oh ***** my dad wa… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    the craziest stunt i did that caused major embarrassment .
    When i was 16 years old me and some friends went and got drunk . we went to the levy's to finish drinking . right in front of the levy there was this electrical tower . with a fence around it and a sign saying keep out . no trespassing . i was totally drunk . and thought i was all it . brave and stupid what i was . i climbed the fence . went up the electric tower . i got half way up . and a friend screamed out . from the top of the levy ." watch out . dont touch those round buttons . they will fry your ***" . i looked right beside my hand . there was a round button . i froze .i became not so brave .  couldn't move up . couldn't move down . i stood there until the police and fire department c… [more]