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I'm the cheerful guy you'd never notice on the street. I may greet you with a passive smile but a penetrating blue-eyed stare, or I may just crack a joke with you by way of introduction. I can be quite sociable but always with a bit of a risque` edge. Not enough of an edge to be vulgar but enough to invite you to look deeper if you're seeking meaningful adventure. The adventures may range from just finding someone interested enough to take the time to really get to know you, or helping you to know yourself even better all the way through to being taken to the heights of extacy and then pushed a little higher. While I believe in living a life of freedom, I'm also a big believer in honor and loyalty. What does make me stand out from the crowd once you accept the invitation to peek? I think, I feel, and I share.

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I Am Seeking Cutters

Seeking Cutters I am trying to understand cutters better. If you are a cutter, that means I want to understand YOU better.  The sense of worthlessness, the need to punish yourself, to hurt just to feel sometimes. If... [more]
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