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'No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid' - Lupita Nyong'o

searching for answers to the 'whys' and 'why nots' in my life. taking a chance on life again..#teamJesus #teamarsenal

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I Found A Crack That Remained

I had been longing to change my cell phone for a while. My Samsung Galaxy Ace was out of fashion; it was no longer the chique and latest model it was when I first bought it some 3 years back. I had... [more]
  • I Do Not Think You Realize How Much I Love You

    When All Is Lost i had it all; love, good grades, happy family, high hopes, bright future, all of it! i went to uni not a very accomplished person (because i didn't make the grades for med school), yet very hopeful. i… [more]
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    I don't know what to call it..
    I become agitated when people want to get close to me. it scares me why someone would even want to be around me..Im in my final semester in school and Im grateful to God for bringing me this far. But Im scared. Im scared i may not fit in at my place of work, or that people would want to get close to me, as I am naturally an appealing person. I don't know what to call it; it just feels so much better being alone.… [more]
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    hard times
    truth is i don't feel as confident as i look. truth is im broken within. truth is im scared; of love, of the pending exam, of the future. i am falling in love with someone who is still crazy about his ex. my academics are going from bad to worse. my religious life is in shambles. the people i loved let me down. i don't know who to trust. these are tough times in my life, and i don't know who to turn to. :((… [more]
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    hate that i love you
    i hate that you are so far awayi hate that you happy and i'm not the reasoni hate that i can't share in your paini hate that i miss youi hate that i still carei hate that i'm still crazy about you even after so longi hate that i love you, and i can't do anything about it! :((… [more]