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Im the kind of girl who wears odd socks

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I Battle Depression

I Live By These Chinese Proverbs.. "Fall down 9, stand up 10". And "Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up". [more]
EbonyAndIvoryy has shared 15 Mature Experiences
  • I Think I Am Ugly

    Hey You. yes, you. stop being unhappy with yourself. you are perfect. stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else. stop trying to get attention from … [more]
  • I Am Friendly But Shy

    Not Stuck Up, Just Shy I can be quite fun and talkative to be around once you get to know me and im rather confortable to be with you, but its really hard in the begining, I have no idea what to say im rather bad at making … [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    Mental Hospital Me, a girl friend of mine and her bf had to go to the local one lastnight to see her dad who was a inmate. Was my first time to one of these places, I was abit nervous. But anyway I shook… [more]
  • I Want to Know What You Want On Your Tombstone

    Blank Tombstone I dont want a place for people to come a grieve for me.. instead I want ashes thrown in the blushland the Blue mountains, near were i live.. I will always be in the hills then.… [more]