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    I hate to admit this...
    I hate to admit this,but I actually like the movie Moulin Rouge...Please dont judge me. lol… [more]
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    Full House the TV Show
    For years the show Full House gives me the creeps. There is no freaking way a group of people can act so happy and so silly be human. They are like demons from hell trying too hard to pose as angles. Its like they are hiding deadly secrets with every dialog they deliver.Their conception of reality is so far from the truth that it makes them too fake to be in any existance even for tv...… [more]
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    I am terrible with women.
    I am 22 years old, and I am terrible with women. I am mainly terrible with women because I watch too many movies. My life has revolved around films and I guess what my problem is I am waiting to meet a girl like in the movies, you know rescue her from some sort of danger, or casually meet a girl with my good looks and awesome tallent. Problem is that hasnt happened yet, and I dont think it will. Every girl I do meet and take on dates are ussually underwelming for me because I am just looking for some adventure or some thing exciting. It could also be because no women is like the ones in the movies. Its like I want a girlfriend but I have trouble finding one. … [more]