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I Love Philosophy

An Ethical Dilemma Drawn From Real Life- Share Your Thoughts On This Scenario This is a real life incident that occurred in a small town in Poland during World War Two. It is a very interesting story and raises some interesting questions.  A very young Polish... [more]
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  • I Was Bullied

    Contacted By A Childhood Bully Through Facebook My parents were close friends with a couple who lived down the street from us and they had a daughter my age and a son two or three years older. As a matter of fact, we once lived in their basement… [more]
  • I Speak Hindi

    Question I'm an American, speak no Hindi or any other Asian language. I am trying to learn calligraphy and I want to try writing a few phrases in Arabic, Hindi and Bangla. I'd like to try writing … [more]
  • I Am Against the Death Penalty

    A Personal And Potentially Embarrassing Revelation I have told almost none of my friends and acquaintances about this (though I plan to, eventually). I have a feeling that if they were told, their jaws would clatter to the floor. I would be quite unco… [more]
  • I Like to Tutor People

    Am Working As An Sat Tutor I am an SAT tutor. Mostly do vocabulary, though I can do the reading passages, some of the grammar, the essay and most of the math. I also sometimes do literature with the kids. But vocab is my true t… [more]