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"l was no nice guy after all...."

"Shh, no tears only dreams now"

"There is no need to be upset"

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I Am Leaving Ep

When You Have Nobody You Can Make A Cup Of Tea For, When Nobody Needs You, That'S When I Think Life Is Over. It's been months since I last got a pm here, and even that message was someone who said she'd accidently messaged the "Wrong person". Ever since my last break from ep I only got the occasional... [more]
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  • I Know Gravity Cant Apple

    Gravity Can'T Apple.              … [more]
  • I Am Amused By Hypocritical Moralfags

    Great Going Moralfag. Sure, it's a great idea to blame Hitler for being evil for killing 6 million, especially when you praise stalin and follow communistic ideals yourself. lt's totally not like they ever killed over 94… [more]
  • I Tried to Commit Suicede

    I Almost Killed Myself The 8th of November this year l had experienced several really low days. Nothing had worked out for me, l was under a huge amount of pressure both from home and from college. l was extremely overloade… [more]
  • I Hate Political Correctness

    Political Correctness Accepting Lies Political correctness is what hides the truth in modern society. Because it is so overprotecting of every minority, one cannot speak about them without being "racist". Racism today is nothing more tha… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Sad story from the interwebs
    Found on /b/>Friday, about 6 PM>In room, browsing 4chan and playing Minecraft>Dad comes in>"Hey buddy, have any plans for the weekend?">"Not really, no.">"Why don't you go with some friends? It's a nice night.">Conversation continues for another five minutes>Dad asks about my "friends">I try to dodge around admitting i have no friends or experience with girls>But he knows>"Ok buddy, just let me know if you ever want a ride somewhere, or you can borrow my car any time you want.">Pats me on shoulder and leaves>I get back to Minecraft>After a few hours, I feel thirsty>No drinks in my room>Venture out of my room and go to the kitchen>Hear my father in the living room, crying>looks around the cor… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Someone else lonely tonight?
    You sit on your front porch, watching the street light across the street. It flickers once. It's 11:20 pm and you just realized that even though your family loves you, the only thing you need is someone to care for, someone to love.So you sit on your front porch, watching the light. You might smoke a cigarette or two, but you don't really need them. You watch the tree near the streetlight sway in the wind, scared of life.You might have had a girl in your life once, but it soured and went wrong. It might have been your fault, but odds are that it wasn't. Odds are that she dumped you, because being with you made her depressed. Then you realized that you just lost a great chance to change your … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I just heard the Twin Peaks theme song, and my eyes started sweating. A real blast from my childhood, when l sat in the couch with my mother watching this amazing show...I miss those days, my father was away on business trips, and my mother had bought the box with the complete series. We sat almost every evening watching one or two episodes, and l loved it.Not so much as the show itself, but I was together with my mother without having to hear my father raging about something.It was perfectly peaceful, and we talked about everything, and I really got to know my mother like never before. I know she loved it too, not having to be stressed about my father, or hearing him and me arguing. Until j… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    That's life.
    She's funny. She's adorable. She's sweet. She's loving. She's beautiful. She's caring. She's awesome. She's perfect. But she's someone else's. … [more]