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widowed female. alos a mother of four children with three being adults and one that is almost 18. I am loyal and true to the ones that I allow in my inner circle. Very reserved about who I trust and what I share. Until I know the person well enough to consider them my friend. I love the outdoors and the woods. Am a tree lover and if I could have come back in another time I would have been a tree fairy or guardian. Love alternative music and reading on different topics and views. And believe I have a pretty open mind when it comes to things I have never heard of or experienced.

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Favorite Quote Its better to have loved than never loved at all
  • a little Irish
Vices Dont have any gave up drinking and smoking
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I Looking To Meet A Man My Age That Is Single And Not Married

I have been single for sometime now and would like to meet a nice fellow. For friendship first and then maybe more. I am looking for men in my age group, that are not married and are single or... [more]
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    Weird But True!!! This story takes place when Im about 17 years old and for some reason I have a different way I looking at things I guess, so I've been told. And at time I have peculiar things happen to me. Well its… [more]
  • I Have Had Weird Experiences With Strangers

    What Did They See!! This is a very short story but strange, I was living in Phoenix, Arizona at the time. And was going to a Circle K to get a fountain soda. Well there were these drunk guys that hung out in front of t… [more]
  • I Have a Funny Story to Share

    Trust Your Instincts!!! It was hot sulty summer day in Phoenix, Az and me and my best friend PT had just got done smoking a joint with our friend Ron. He had just purchased PT'S brother's camaro and it was shining so brigh… [more]
  • I Have Paranormal Experiences

    Knock, Knock, Whose There???? This story takes place when Im a teenager about 16 or so. Im at my mom's duplex and my best friend and niece and nephew are there as well. Were all camped out in the living room trying to go to slee… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Missing you!!
    Damn I miss you!! I see you in my dreams and your always so close but yet so far away.  My life seems so mundane now that your gone.  The things I would have done different if I had known that you would be gone permanently.  I ask for your forgiveness for not being there the one time in your life when you needed me  most.  That you had to die alone.  And I hope your spirit knows that I  would have come if I hadnt been hospitalized myself.  I will take this pain with me to the grave.  And one day when I met you I will kiss your lips and tell you I really tried to get there but they wouldnt let me out.  So come to me my lover in my dreams, reach out to me and know that my soul searches the uni… [more]
  • Love

    Posted on: June 25th, 2013 at 11:27PM

    True Love Never Fades Away With Time.Even As We Walk The Road Of Life'; Trials or Triumphs .As Our Beauty Starts To Fade And Old Age Takes Over Our Bodies, You Are Still As Breath Taking To Me Today As  The First Time I Laid Eyes On You. There Was Never Anyone Else I Would Have Wanted To Spend My Life With Except You My Love, My Best Friend, My Soul Mate. And When The Time Comes When The Lord Calls Us Home. I Pray He Will Call Us Together, For My Darling I Will Miss You So.  But If Not And He Calls Me First I Will Ask Him To Please Let Me Be One Of Those Shining Stars In The Night Sky.  So When You Sad And Feeling Blue, All You Have To Due Is Look Up In The Sky And There I Will Be.  Twinklin… [more]