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Each day is a special day gifted by worthy some... Every moment is precious and I've time for the worthy some...

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I 've Never Used a Tanning Bed

Not used to any tanning bed/salon or animal skin too. Not fond of them, and a plain strong wood bed is more comfy to me. Do not wish cruelty towards animals for the purpose of passion towards... [more]
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  • I Am a Sensitive Person

    Trust Am Sensitive Too I believe I already revealed this. But yet, there is something I would reiterate. Sensitivity in which aspect? You mean physical??? Trust me am sensitive, by this sentence I would mean am po… [more]
  • I 'm a Down to Earth Person

    With no whimsical, myraid or psychic, am a non eccentric, down to earth earthling, realizing what to do and what makes me to. Evey now and then would need to pray the supreme being to make me realize… [more]
  • I " Are You Serious "

    Serious in appearance or attitude? Believe me, its the nature (benevolent/malevolent), the wagaries of life, maturity and lifetime experiences that gave you this seriousness.  The kind … [more]
  • I Fear Being Fat

    Keep Smiling Trust its in the genes, the quality of food, exercise and check on lipids. At least water therapy, as clearly explained in the experiences here in EP stories by experts, and daily routi… [more]