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I " Are You Serious "

Serious in appearance or attitude? Believe me, its the nature (benevolent/malevolent), the wagaries of life, maturity and lifetime experiences that gave you this seriousness.  The kind of... [more]
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  • I Live In a Sexless Marriage

    Boon Or Bane All my friends, kith and kin enjoyed at least a night's stand, or even having had 20 to 30 relationships with a happy married life with huge ransoms running in their accounts from the so called marria… [more]
  • I Am An Aquarius

    Truely Sure? A complete novel, innovative, unique sign (humane) among all other zodiac signs, yet very enigmatic! By moon sign am a Libran, and found myself more accommodative, responsive and correlated to the m… [more]
  • I Am a Sensitive Person

    Trust Am Sensitive Too I believe I already revealed this. But yet, there is something I would reiterate. Sensitivity in which aspect? You mean physical??? Trust me am sensitive, by this sentence I would mean am po… [more]
  • I 'm a Down to Earth Person

    With no whimsical, myraid or psychic, am a non eccentric, down to earth earthling, realizing what to do and what makes me to. Evey now and then would need to pray the supreme being to make me realize… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Jehad.  Confessed to God that in the name of holy war several numerous crimes happening around the world.  Confessions made in Church itself (Place of divinity), made in temple too, that am a victim in someway or other too.  I never that's why blame God, or time for the onset of such jinx.  Rather, I should have skilled and equipped to be practical and face the disaster.  Its not a self made judgement, but a cluster of events, and  a conglomerate of evil-minded psyches.  Confess that my  abilities to tackle such is evidently new to me, and several limitations could sore the truth.  To face such ghastly evils is no adventure or pleasure to me or for that sake anyone prudent.  Truth and truth … [more]