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I Like to Write Short Stories

The Politician slams the desk with his open palm and stares forward as his time is up. Mr Crumble sits with some kind of upturned mouth expression, not so much a smile but more a sneer. Defiance is... [more]
  • I Need to Be Needed

    Some Things Are Best Kept Secret Once upon a time there lived a pixie called twisty. He was very bendy and could climb trees and branches with ease, he hopped from one mushroom to the next always happy and full of energy from the eli… [more]
  • I Need to Be Needed

    Happy Birthday Sweetheart Tilsy lives with her single mother in Croydon, London and is 16 today. She pulls herself wearily out of bed mouthing the words 'my birthday' She opens her eyes and stumbles towards the bathroom, sleep… [more]
  • what defines me as a woman?

    Posted on: June 9th, 2011 at 10:12AM

    A big QuestionWhat defines me as a woman? I think it's all the pieces of me that resemble super models, beautiful women, attractiveness as a package of what this "woman" is worth is in terms of good looks and attractiveness = power over the opposite sexWhat defines YOU as a woman?Is it your blonde curly long hair that resembles a Princess in a fairytale that makes you feel powerful? Is it the way men look at you as an object they desire that makes you feel confident and real?Is it like the L'Oreal add "because I'm worth it"   Am I attractive enough to convince you of this ?contemplating today what informs me of my womanhood, is it my experience here in this World as a woman or is it the medi… [more]


  • 2012

    Posted on: July 10th, 2011 at 8:46AM

    What's happening?What's 2012 all about?Well in a nutshell, it seems apparent from the research I have done ,that we are in an 'End Cycle' and beginning a new Galactic day has ended and another one is to begin. Mayan Calendar goes into greater detail about this.Themes recurring are the following:There will a return of balance, The Divine Feminine, Christ consciousness, The snake and the bird, Wisdom of ancestors, star beings, the dawning of a new age where we will live in harmony with animals and nature, The sacred Hoop of all Nations, The New Jerusalem emerging, Rainbow Warriors rising, consciousness of the Garden,Rebith into Wholeness, Birth into the Physical, Sacred One -ness wit… [more]