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uggggh, College...^_^

I just realized I am inspired by boxxy and linetrap is my role model, at least for now.

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I Love Ghost Stories

I Can Feel A Lie Towards The Truth I've been reading some ghost storys and I feel that when I read one that is true. I feel my eyes start to water at the sight of a real ghost story. and if not well nothing. im going to keep on reading... [more]
  • I 'm A Boy Who Likes Wearing Dresses

    I Like To Wear Girls Dresses I have worn dresses since I was about 5. It was at a family members house and I went in to the bath room, I closed the door and I saw it hanging there. A white dress… [more]
  • I Pretend I'm Someone Else

    Hi I'm Nicole. My name is anonymous, but on this website I go by Elizabethamber, and when I go online on random chat sites I pretend... not really. I mean I have what I feel are the most meaningful conversations whe… [more]
  • I So Wish I Would Have Been Born With a Female Body

    A Sex Change Is Not A Genetic Female I to wish that I was born a girl especially growing up in this time I would of had so much fun and not need to worry. And I thought of that stuff to. I don't want to get a sex change though because I … [more]
  • I Love Eminem

    Eminem Isn't Like Other Rapers, He's In His Own League Other rapers are cool and all, but eminem isn't other rapers. He is in his own league alone. No one can even compare to him. It's just, his music is rap, listen to "forever" the song feat. all those r… [more]