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I Have a Confession

As i type this i wait for my neck to adjust the necklace into a grasp. This noose will be the last thing to ever hold me again. I want to come back as a brave, pulchritudinous character in some novel... [more]
  • I Am Bulimic

    Opus my daily ritual consists of food, a toilet and a tooth brush. this does not mean i gag myself with a toothbrush, i just have this ruetine where i vomit all of my food, clean the toilet then brush my t… [more]
  • I Think My Mom Hates Me

    Im Always Left Confused i can never remember a time where my mother was happy, with her family, the house, with me. since i was 4 my mother verbally/mentally, physically abused me. she didnt 'spank' me. she didnt 'sla… [more]
  • I Love My Boyfriend

    Pulchritudinous Bull And Fish My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for nearly three years now. Our love for eachother is so beautiful it could bring me to tears. i love my boyfriend because of how in-tuned we are with ea… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    i am bulimic.. ive been for 4+ years now.. recently it has been extremely intense... i want pro-ana help.. i want somebody to keep me going forward to meet my dream body at the end of this throat of a… [more]