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I Love Horrible Jokes

There was a kid who died because he was sat on by an elephant. You're laughing right! Ok well think about it you're bring crushed my an ELEPHANT!!!!! A freaking 5 ton elephant! I'm not laughing... [more]
  • I Sometimes Want to Lie On the Floor and Cry

    Lately I've been really upset and crying for no reason. I hate it but i don't know what to do.… [more]
  • I Want to Live In a Fantasy World

    I made up this world called nausuria and when ever I got mad at some one or some thing I would go there to calm down I still do in a way… [more]
  • I Love Netflix

    I LOVE the movies frog and wombat, foreign letters and the tv show I shouldn't be alive and myth busters… [more]
  • I Spend a Lot of Time By Myself

    My mom says I can't get an Instagram or a YouTube account bc I spend way too much time alone in my room but it's the middle of winter way to cold to go outside there's nothing to do downstairs except … [more]