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Favorite Quote Do not follow me, I may not lead; Nor lead me, I may not follow. But do walk with me.
Horoscope Sagittarius
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Books Novels- suspense, adventures, fictions
Music Mr. Big, Metallica, Heloween, joe satriani, iron maiden
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I Wish You Could See Through My Eyes

I Am Not That Bad I am not perfect and not good but also I'm not that bad if they see me with a different eyes. I was a social worker when I met a person, older to me, engaged in the same field who always want to... [more]
  • I Write Down My Thoughts

    Can't Express Myself Better I'm not dumb but I don't speak out much b.c. I find myself lost for words when I try to express my feelings. During my school days, I would rarely answer a question unless it was directed to me, thoug… [more]
  • I Had a Near Death Experience

    Swap Death By Swapping Seats I feel lucky that I got out alive more than once. Some think it's coincidence but I'm grateful that I'm breathing. The last incident was in a car (Taxi). To be honest I was real high on drugs mixed wi… [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    A Sunny Day Waking up to a bright morning Where the eastern gold is glowing Heating up the land all the way Warming the empty spaces, slowly gliding And edge up a perfect lazy sunny day.… [more]
  • I Love Everything Supernatural

    Dream Or Nightmare I don't know if it was illusion, nightmare or just a bad dream but was my worst dream or nightmare. I use to take drugs at that time but I didn't overtake it that night rather I took lesser dose. … [more]