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I Want People to Share Their Poetry

Aurora Borealis yesterday I fell asleep borealis in my eyes tracing all the galaxy where star and moons reside where all the world is peaceful all my troubles past and gone... [more]
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  • I Want People to Share Their Poetry

    Anti Christ why can i not be the things of that which i have seen the phantom in the room at night in which i want to scream and all the little demonic triggers figures turned my head until it … [more]
  • I Am Against Gays

    i love how the group says i am against gays and we state our own opinions in our own group then those who believe in homosexuality come in and start bullshit just like there way of life its stupid if … [more]
  • I Want People to Share Their Poetry

    Mercy i see strings of such propose that eyes could not unveil entitled by a simple look or quite so little stares succeeded by believing of a thought above a dream and i have wished so… [more]
  • I Want People to Share Their Poetry

    Circus For The Freaks i thought i lost my focus till the circus came to town it was such a splended wonder all the clowns that danced around this is all so imperfection so i danced with painted face trap… [more]