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Hi, my name is Elvid1! Errr... no, it's not - who the hell would be called Elvid1?! That's just a random profile name.

I'm a straight guy from the UK. I like friendly, smart, funny people. If you read my stories, you'll see I'm quite open about sex. If you're not, that's cool - not all my stories are about sex. You can just flick past the ones that are without reading,

Just one thing to note...

If you're a guy, please don't e-mail me asking me for opnions about your unattractive wife, especially if you're only semi-literate. It makes me nauseous. Actually, if you're only semi-literate, there's really no need to message me at all, whoever you are.

Other than that, though, I'm very friendly and happy to talk to you (mostly) ;-)

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