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I Used to Self Harm

You know why people cut? Because it's a distraction. For one moment you don't feel all the pain, the loss, the hurt. All you feel is that razor going into your skin. The blood dripping down your arm... [more]
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  • I Had An Eating Disorder

    Are You Still Hungry ? What I Think About Before I Eat . . Look at what you are about to eat . Then read this . Are you hungry ? Are you Really hungry ? Could you go without it ? Think of how great you'll feel . Think about how great your body will look . Pus… [more]
  • I Cut My Self Or Inflict Pain On My Self

    You Can't Notice Right Away... It's hard, to figure it out. Maybe because you don't pay attention or maybe because they hide it Soo well. It's all in the details. When someone stops smiling the moment you aren't looking. Or how whe… [more]
  • I Learned My Lesson

    I've learned so many lessons in my life growing up , especially throughout my Love life and as a teenager ; but the most important lesson that i learned is exactly this . Never EVER beg someon… [more]
  • I Learned to Let Go

    I guess I actually stopped loving you awhile ago because it doesn't hurt to think of you with someone else like it did 7 months ago. I can look at a picture of you and my heart no longer races, someon… [more]