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I am starting to accept my feminine side, allowing my hair to grow seems natural, wearing panties seems natural, and my petticoats are me

I spend my days trying to help people, ret.,USAF, USN, disabled Army, 30 years, state disabled retired art teacher 35 years.

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Favorite Quote If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well, dad, another from mom, make sure you have clean underwear, in case you get hit by a car
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I My Mom And Me

Only after the deaths of my parents, did I find out, through one of my uncles, how much of a daughter I was for my mom, but, I know, it made us both so happy, I hope you more fortunate than I was... [more]
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    Praying That I Would Wake Up A Girl I don't Suppose that my story is too different from the feelings that you had about feeling different as a child, I could rarely remember a moment growing up as a child, thatI wasn't fascinated watchI… [more]
  • I Grandmas Wonderful Aprons

    Brolita, was this close to the same age, when your mom, saw your reaction, probably twirling like I did, and dressed you completely as her little daughter for the first time?, my experiences with apro… [more]
  • I Mom Needed A Daughter, As Much As I Needed To Be A Girl

    Sharing some thoughts, that I shared with another of my best girlfriends, because I know, that she understands, Brolita, it has taken me my entire life, but, I think I am finally starting… [more]
  • I Mom Gave Me My First Set

    This is a story, that i shared with another wonderful sister, Kim, I enjoy talking with you so much, I would so loved to had that dressing experience, with that amazing neighbor, to answer your … [more]
  • Friend who has Fobromyalgia, needs help

    Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 at 12:52AM

    A good Female friend of mine has been suffering with Fibromyalgia, most of her life, the disEase has caused many problems for her, she has been trying to deal with thiS for a long time, with medications, doctors visits and counseling, I would like to put her in touch with other young women, who are coping with this same terrible Disease, that could support the difficulties that she has to deal with every day, to keep working, maintain her relationships and improve her way oF life, I will share any information, or put you in contact with her, at this point I feel very helpless and would like to help her, you may message me, oR contribute to this blog, Emil2009/ElizabethjaneMy mood: extremely… [more]