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I Have Special Powers

I see ghosts quite often..I don't know why but I guess they want me to see them and to know that they are there [more]
  • I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

    Everyone Does It!! I was so little. I was young didn't know any better i guess. But he was older, and he knew it was wrong. Yet he choose to hurt me, lie to me, make me feel worthless. Five years have passed and no … [more]
  • I Was An Abused Child

    11th Commandment She hears his heavy breathing in the dark His footsteps coming closer down the hall She's so ashamed, she's daddy's secret love She wants to cry, she wants to die, but he can't get e… [more]
  • I Want to Add a Story to Each of My Experiences

    My Story Hey!! my name is emily :) And i want to tell you my story! I have 2 brother and 1 sister:) And we lived with our mom and dad :D We had a happy famil… [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    Man In White ( Dream ) All i could recall was i was running zapping people. They were still there but they were dots. I was beening followed by a man in white. I had the feeling he was trying to help me. I was crying and i … [more]