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I Am Frustrated At Online Dating

Changing Definition Of Free Love Times they are a changin'.... A few decades ago "Free Love" meant sex without the restrictions of convention. In less than a year of attempts at online dating, I've discovered that now, "Free Love... [more]
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  • I Am a Widow and Miss My Husband

    The Perfect Man (for Me) I was loved perfectly... He was a sweetheart. Nicest man I ever knew.  He fell in love with me when I wasn't loveable. Angry, hurt and suspicious.  He pursued me, content to wait for me to learn to … [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    Married Men For The Chronically Alone I am the other woman. It is currently only an online thing. I know it is only a fantasy. I know that this time, same as all before this, it isn't real, I am only playing a role. I know it will go nowh… [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    The Choices They Make I've been involved with several married men in my lifetime. I did not "chase" them, did not lure them away from their wives. They were ALWAYS already out actively looking for someone outside their mar… [more]
  • I Love The Sensuality Of Touch

    Textures I love the sensuality of touch. I am a very tactile person, fascinated by textures. I have a striped cat, his fur markings look like he should have ridges, but he is wonderfully smooth.It is an illusi… [more]