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I Cant Do This Anymore

I hate my body so much. I've always been super skinny, I cry most nights because of how disgusted I feel about my body. I wish someone would understand me, it's hard for me to gain weight. I'm trying... [more]
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  • I Like Older Guys

    I'm 17 but I would date 17-26 is that bad?… [more]
  • I Feel

    Empty, lonely, sad, depressed, forgotten, worthless, unimportant and unloved..The worst feelings in the world. But they're the way I feel everyday.… [more]
  • I Need Help

    My friends birthday it coming up. I planned in getting him a shirt from a store called, Fossil. Along with that I plan on giving him a 'The Big Bang Theory' the mug I'm going to go get it engr… [more]
  • I Hate My Body

    I hate my body so so much. I've always been skinny and I struggle gaining weight. Whenever I eat I feel so weak and I can only eat very little if not I ended throwing up. Theirs nothing to like about … [more]