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I Remember When Mtv Showed Only Videos

Its Been A While... Yea now in order to watch videos on Mtv you have stay up will 2 am. What happened to good music and showcasing talent now its all about dating shows and rich snobby botox invested housewives who... [more]
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  • I Love Wearing High Heels

    The Key Ingredient To Fashion? You Fashion can be looked at several different ways. To some, fashion is over-priced clothes and dangerously high-heels, but to others it's looked at as an art form. They see it as a way to communicate wh… [more]
  • I Build Walls Around My Heart

    Love Lockdown I have a tendancy to be a little too nice. Especially when I was in high school, I would just extend my hand to anyone who needed it. I wouldn't even think of the reprecussions, I would never think if… [more]
  • I Love Scary Movies

    Even Though They Scare Me Shitless I love watching scary movies and horror films. I have no idea why because I am usually scared out of my mind after watching them.But I think it's the thrill. I like being scared sometimes.… [more]
  • I Hate Shaving My Legs

    It's So Dangerous Haha!! Ok so just because I hate shaving my legs doesn't mean I'm against it. Believe me shaving your legs is important especially if you live in America. We Americans for some reason or another take persona… [more]