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I Have a Confession

Think about when you were like 6 years old. And everyone liked them for them not what they had not what they looked like. I miss those times so much. We didn't have a care in the world. Didn't care... [more]
  • I Am Becoming Anorexic

    I Hate My Reflection Ok I am very insecure. My best friend is naturally skinny and I wanna be like that! My friends,family and everyone I know tells me I'm skinny but when I look into the mirror I see a fat ugly gi… [more]
  • I Dont Believe Im Beautiful

    I Hurt Myself I had a horrible day today. I got up from my lunch table went into the bathroom and started Bawling silently of course. My friend came and followed me to the bathroom and I didn't know Sh… [more]
  • I Liked My Best Friends Ex Boyfriend

    The Stupid Crush Ok so I was with my Bestie and I started to realize that I had a crush on someone.....but it was my besties ex. I was terrified to tell her because I knew it was wrong. Finally I told her and she was … [more]
  • I Dont Believe Im Beautiful

    Im Not Beautiful I am told that I'm "pretty" "beautiful" "gorgeous" and "hot"........I don't believe any of that. I'm very insecure with my body and my face. I depise my looks. Everyone says they want to look like me.… [more]