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I Am a Virgin

I Wait For The Day. My Innocence i wait for the day i will lose my innocence to the man i loveit wont be for just anyone i want him to take it slowly savor the moment make it as painless as possiblei wanna feel everything... [more]
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  • I Want You to Wrap Me In Your Arms and Never Let Go

    P-please Love Me Please love me .... D-dont hurt me i want your warmth and love i want to hear your voice whisper In my ear "you are safe and i love you". I dont want to be scared or yelled at i want you to coa… [more]
  • I Would Love to Be Held At Night

    Someones Innocent Little Girl I dream of one day being wrapped in someones arms feeling his warmth around me Telling me He loves me and im his little girl im quite small for my age i dream of a gentle and caring man … [more]
  • I Want To Know Your List Of 10 Things You Look For In A Lover

    My Perfect Lover 1. Some who is open with me and can be honest about everthing 2. A man who handles me gentley and treats me like a lady 3. A man who is sweet and kind as long as hes sweet i dont care ab… [more]
  • I Am a Great Listener

    I Will Be There I will listen to anything you want to tell me i wont jidge you no matter what. Not if its bad good dirty mean etc. You name it Unless you want me to then i will state my mind. I hope you wont b… [more]