Female , 22-25

I'm a vivacious fun-loving 23 year old female that loves to party, ask silly and serious question, and live my life.

Oh yeah. And I'm in love with men. Love you guys. You're so sexy.

Also!! I'm on Answerbag!! You can come check it out!! :]

And as a final note...*sigh* Firstly, there are plenty of people on here who seem to only think of sex. I'm not that kind of person. So if you're friending me for JUST that, buzz off. ^_^

Secondly, no offense to anyone, but I DON'T "friend" male crossdressers, men that want to get boobs for no reason at all, guys that poop in diapers/pants, and transsexuals. I can befriend PLENTY of people but these types of people I can't associate with. Sounds so rude...but true. And no, there's no "hate". Just a weird factor that I don't want to associate with. Thanks!

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Favorite Quote Don\'t be ashamed of who you are. Always be honest. And if people misunderstand you and they don\'t want to listen, they\'re the ones at fault. :)
  • 100% American
  • and a little African American
  • and a little Dominican (Dominican Republic)
Vices Liars and Fakes. Not wanted or I\'ll tear you a new arsehole. :)
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I Have a High Self Esteem

This Chica Loves Herself!!!! Hey! We all have issues and problems that we want to be dealt with. But I've never had a problem with this scenario. I love myself and no one else can tell me different. I'm not a... [more]
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    I Adore Muscles...*.* I'm sure everyone's seen them: the men that have the beautiful natural tan, perfect jaws, nice juicy glutes, tattoos ect. But, I don't think that people realize that the reason those features are acce… [more]
  • I 'm Not Gay, But Enjoy Being Given Anal Sex

    You're Only Gay If You Exclusively Like This... Duh. If you're into vagina, then you're bi. But please, do not make the mistake of thinking that you're straight and you can still enjoy a guy screwing you. Unless if it's pe… [more]
  • I Am Straight But Secretly Want to Suck a Man's Penis

    Then You're Not Straight... I suppose in emotional relationships, you'd be a straight man. But in sexual relationships only? You'd be considered pan-sexual. No straight man wants to suck another guy off. I'm sorry. I… [more]
  • I Have An Innie Belly Button

    I Used To Have An Outie... My mother forced me to get surgery because it would swell up like a balloon every time I cried. It's 4:33 in the morning and I have no idea why I'm writing this...or why anyone would car… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I'm Completely Content....^_^
    Yes, we all have stressors. I have my fair share. But with those lurking in the near future as if it's going to be my impending doom, I'm still completely happy. It's not at all delusion. I'm just so glad to be alive, to be doing what I'm doing, and have what I have (which isn't much, but I think it's great for a college student). I want everyone to feel the way as I do. I wish people would go through life with a smile and the thought that things can get, that they WILL get better. Perhaps I may be a bit naive. But I'm happy. And that's all that truly matters. ^_^… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I Don't Understand It
    I've had pets before, but I never cared for them. I would try to have some sort of emotional attachment to them, but I couldn't get over how dirty, stinky, and irrational they are (they follow basic instincts).Which is why I don't understand how people can cry over having lost a pet. There are other pets out there like them, with similar mannerisms and dietary habits. What's the need to cry? Did you actual FEEL for this animal? How do you know if they felt the same way and weren't manipulating you (it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that if someone sets out food for you, you're going to go back and see if it's there or allow someone to pet you for food ect)? Some say it's because the… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Alright. This Needs To Be Said...
    If one more guy messages me about this, I'm going to scream. Literally.No. I'm not settling. If you're not attractive, I don't want you. I want a guy that's good-looking, smart, awesome personality. He's out there.No! I'm not giving that unattractive guy a chance. I've been there and done that. The unattractive guy feels good because he has a pretty girl on his arm. I feel like **** because I'm making him think that he's attractive to me when he's not.NO! I'm not shallow! Did I say I only wanted a man for his looks? I stated that I wanted to fall in love with an attractive dude with all the perks. But women can't get that supposedly.So STOP telling me that I won't ever get the guy that I des… [more]