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My main goal: Make a difference in any way possible. A good one, preferably. :)

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I Want You to Be Happy

12 Things That Happy People Do Differently Are there certain people destined to happiness and others to misery? Although it may seem like it at times, no. No matter what happens to us, our happiness hinges upon our perspective. What does that... [more]
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    I Feel Unsettled... I can't sleep tonight because there's something I need to know that I haven't found yet. It's sort of annoying, but I just feel it there, I want to know so badly what it is..Constantly I'm told that I… [more]
  • I Will Add A Poem, A Quote, Or Something Else Everyday

    ~It Can Be Done~ In a way, this poem reminds me of the many times someone has told me that I can't do something, to which I have responded, "Watch me!" :) Most of the time I'm talking about something trivial, like tyi… [more]
  • I Think That Everyone Should Know This

    Always Believe I took this excerpt from a book titled "Girls Rule" by Ashley Rice, and I found that this little book was not just encouragement for girls, but for everyone. It is my favorite book because it inspires… [more]
  • I Will Add A Poem, A Quote, Or Something Else Everyday

    If You Were.. One seemingly uneventful night last year, I just so happened to decide to finally read a book that had always caught my eye. It was The Book of Virtues, by William J. Bennett. Realizing that it was a … [more]