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happy birthday to me

my name is Jessica. I am very friendly as long as you're on my good side. I do not tolerate BS or any drama. I will bring it to an end. I am an anorexic. I love the small things in life.

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I Love High Heels

i wish i could wear them everyday all day. i wore some high heels one night and my feet were KILLING me. so i left the party and walked 4 miles to my car barefoot. well the next day i went to work i... [more]
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  • I Am Short

    Everyone Needs A Fun Sized Girl i am 5'3" i am short. i use to be 5'7" but my skulliouses has made me shrink. but im okay with that. my boyfriend loves it.… [more]
  • I Love Long Socks

    Love My Knee Socks I love my knee socks. i have like 3 pairs and i wear them every night to keep my feet warm and my legs. I'm very cold natured so they are the best in the winter. I told my friends for my b day you all… [more]
  • I Hate How Pretty Girls Get Whatever They Want

    *sigh* I hate pretty girls. They get what ever they want and they get an easy life. Pagent girls are pretty girls. I'm a model but i'm not the average one you'll see. I'm a bit different. I get called ugly a… [more]
  • I Watched An Embarrassing Movie With My Parents

    Sex Scene Rhymes With Texting okay i hate it when youre sitting there with a parent and all of a sudden there is a sex scene. how much more awkward can you get? its like watching **** with them. i always resort to texting..… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    work issues already....
    I just started working at great clips. its my 3rd or 4th day, i don't know i lost count. anyways, yesterday the assistant manager was being a ***** about what i was wearing (a gray sweater and black dress pants) today she said " is all you wear is gray, black, and white? you need to get color in your wardrobe.(i was wearing black dress pants and a black and gray ******** long sleeved shirt) you need to lighten up your eyes (all i had was top eye liner with a slight cat eye effect, bottom liner, and black brown mascara, and of course my red lips to really make it pop.) people don't want weird people doing their hair.". okay. i have several good reasons why not to change my look and stunt my c… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    today i have recieved my very first pendulum. i have always been a bit sensitive to things. my subconscious has always picked up things really fast. my boyfriend calls me a "human lie detector". if it didn't pick anything up right away i'd dream of what its picking up multiple times till it gets resolved. before knowing anything of this i just always said "i rely on my instincts." my gut feelings. because they were never wrong.not once. i read a book to make my subconscious (they called it ESP) a little stronger. it got me very inspired. they're already natrually strong so i can't wait to enhance it a little more. does anyone on here have any experiance with pendulums?… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    got a gun held to my face today
    my fiance has really awful religious, church going, maniplative, two faced, parents... they have hated me from the beginning or at least that is the strongest vibe i have ever had. i knew they were talking behind my back. of course i was right. if jared and i were ever arguing (which normal couples do) they would step in and say horrible things to me and say i'm not good enough to be apart of their family. they constantly talk about jesus. "find jesus, pray to jesus about all your problems and your problems will be solved without you doing anything..jesus, jesus,jesus". i grew up catholic. being forced to church and the nuns making me live in constant fear of god mad me not like church or re… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    could't be more stressed out
    it's one of those weeks where something bad happens one after another. i got a new job about a month or 2 months ago. i'm making **** money. $7.25 an hour. my hours have been about 38 hours a weeks. work 4 or 5 days in a week which at great clips, is full time. apparently i'm part time, since i'm only a receptionist who is a licensed cosmetologist and CAN cut hair. the more i cut, the more i learn, but they won't let me. well i get a pay check every 2 weeks (keep in mind the stylist make about $60/day in tips) i've been getting paid for 65 hours. this pay check is only for 33. well that would be okay if i didn't have to pay $50 a week for gas, rat food, cat food, litter, oh and guess what, m… [more]