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I Had A Dream

I had a dream that I got a kitten and was introducing it to my dog Max. The kitten was really tiny and had stripes on it , I can't remember if it was orange or grey though. I remember being nervous... [more]
energizerbunnay has shared 6 Mature Experiences
  • I Always Fall For People Who Are Unavailable Or Don't Like Me

    Everyone That I Have A Crush On Is Unavailable :( 1st I develop a crush on a guy named Brennen and he's in a really committed with an amazing girl and even though it sucks for me, I'm really happy for them! They look perfect together … [more]
  • I Am So Sick Of My Pants Falling Down

    I Have The Same Problem! I like skinny jeans and they're ALWAYS falling down and when I wear a belt it cuts into my stomach and leaves marks and they slides down anyways. It's horribly embarrassing because people are always t… [more]
  • I Am Sick Of Always Being The Victim

    It's Been Happening Ever Since I've Started Growing Boobs... I'm 17 years old now and I HATE being the victim of some fricken perverted ******* who wants to have sex with me :( I've been the object of someone's lust and aggression since I started growing b… [more]
  • I Have Tattoos

    I Just Got My 1st Tattoo Today! I've been secretly been wanting to get the Anti-Possession symbol from the show Supernatural since I was 16ish and I now officially have it exactly where the Winchester brothers have theirs :D … [more]
  • Sometimes I think that I will be alone forever

    Posted on: November 13th, 2011 at 4:09PM

    It just seems like nobody ever wants to date me but they're totally into having sex with me or making out with me :( Why am I so unlovable? My mood: somewhat blah… [more]


  • Loving my new lip piercing!

    Posted on: September 25th, 2011 at 2:22PM

    I got my lip pierced yesterday and I LOVE it!!! It doesn't hurt hardly at all and I actually like the taste of the salty peppermint mouthwash that I got with the after care kit and I've been using it diligently My mood: very cheerful… [more]


  • I never let myself grieve

    Posted on: December 11th, 2011 at 12:16AM

    I learned that yesterday because I was just feeling ****** all day about dating a guy that only wanted to make out with me (BTW we broke up tonight because he cheated on me but that's not what I'm talking about so moving on!) What I'm talking about is when I was upset during school I just kinda broke down during choir because my teacher asked me whats wrong and for some reason I just started crying and getting choked up so she told me to talk to a counselor or something and took me over to talk to a girl. There I talked about how I wanted to break up with my (now ex) bf but I was afraid that he might do something because I've made other people mad before and they did stuff to me. That's when… [more]