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I Had An Ego Death Experience

Ego Death: Infinite Reincarnation I found it quite interesting that there are NO ego death experiences on here. So I thought I would share my story. This was actually the reason I had created the account in the first place. [more]
  • I Have Smoked 7h Incense

    I Find It Odd While searching 7H online, there seem to be no comments or hardly any comments on any story that is posted about the subject. This was the starting point of my spiritual enlightenment. Some people sho… [more]
  • I Was Abducted By Aliens

    You know, that "sleep paralysis" thing everyone blames Alien abductions on... Yea. That's how my experiences start out. The summer of 2012, I had stayed the weekend with my parents. They… [more]
  • I Hate Religion

    What Separates An Atheist From A Christian A belief system? How can something as simple as a belief system separate people who are equal. Christians go on and on about how Atheists are being led on a chain by Satan. But I see no difference. I … [more]
  • I Am Spiritual But Not Religious

    Journey To Enlightenment One day, some of you will realize, and wake up from this illusion. Ego has almost taken over our planet and the only way we can overcome this is through realization of the truth. The realization of wh… [more]