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I Have Anxiety

I have anxiety about anxiety. Ugh, it's so annoying! It's a weird concept that panic attacks have become so frequent that I start wondering why people make big deals when they have a panic attack. I'm... [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    So an interesting thing was brought up to me... We tend to focus so much on the downside of BPD we don't often see the positive things. We're passionate, creative, to the point, individualistic, prote… [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Blah. You know, it just gets tiring dealing with this every two seconds when I'm actually part of my own life. I think that's why I've grown so accustomed to zoning out or constantly listening to musi… [more]
  • I Am Jealous

    You know, I am happy for some of these people that have amazing loved ones, and a great family, and tons of friends who want to hang out with them and whatnot. They're good people, they deserve good, … [more]
  • I Love Love

    A long time ago, I lived in a fairy tale and met a prince named Andrew... You never truly realize how much you've gone without until you fall in love. Without having been aware of it, you… [more]