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I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you ever just read a book about whatever you have and feel that much more upset thinking "That's really great. I am literally everything this thing is talking about from what's happened in the past... [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    So an interesting thing was brought up to me... We tend to focus so much on the downside of BPD we don't often see the positive things. We're passionate, creative, to the point, individualistic, prote… [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Blah. You know, it just gets tiring dealing with this every two seconds when I'm actually part of my own life. I think that's why I've grown so accustomed to zoning out or constantly listening to musi… [more]
  • I Need More Female Friends

    Seriously, I NEED more awesome females in my world. I love my guy friends, fine, but it's really not the same as having female friends and it's been getting lonely. I don't even know where to meet gir… [more]
  • I Am Jealous

    You know, I am happy for some of these people that have amazing loved ones, and a great family, and tons of friends who want to hang out with them and whatnot. They're good people, they deserve good, … [more]