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I Feel Like My Dreams Are Telling Me Something

What Does It Mean? Today while I had a nap, I saw my father in my dream, I begged him sobbing to take me with him but he just shook his head to say no. What does it mean I don't get it? [more]
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    By birthday
    Im going to be a whole 28! On Monday! And I'm going to Italy tomorrow yay! Lol… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Does anyone out there think that maybe one day a rich good looking guy will sweep em off there feet or is it just me? Lol… [more]
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    I want
    A guy with a sports car to take me for a spin!… [more]
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    I'm bored
    Bored of having responsibilitys, bored with life, infact I'm just plain bored. I want someone spontaneous to surprise me. I love being spontaneous! sometimes I shock myself lol. I wish crazy things would happen for example... When I wink at a guy on the road, I want him to turn around pull up beside me and ask for my number... Or Whilst walking down the street in the rain I want to jump in the biggest puddle like I did when I was five. I want other adults to come and join it, it would be such a laugh. When did life get so serious that I forgot how to have real fun?… [more]