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Active, love to work out, and generally enjoy working period. Pretty good w/people.

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I Get Tired Of All The Gloom And Doom, I Choose To Be Happy

Looking For An Exercise/diet Buddy Hi--     My health is okay but could be better.  I'm looking for someone who wants a 'buddy' to help us keep on track, provide support, and a little accountability.  It you're headed... [more]
  • I Get Tired Of All The Gloom And Doom, I Choose To Be Happy

    Is Everyone Depressed? Sometimes I think that.  That the world has just passed so many people by and they just don't get it or get anything.  I had it pretty tough growing up, but worked really hard and I think I'm the be… [more]
  • I Admire Discipline

    So Much Of Life Is Discipline      It was tough growing up in my family.  Not much money and unstable parents.  But in all that, at first out of desperation, I found discipline.  As I get older I never realized up til now h… [more]
  • I Have a Child With Autism

    Great Book I read a great book by Barry Neil Kaufman called Son Rise.  Any one w/an autistic experience should have it as a must read.  I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention given the face of autism toda… [more]
  • I Am Battling Mental Illness

    Moving Forward I was diagnosed w/bipolar disorder some time ago.  Very fortunately, I was prescribed Abilify (generic, available in Canada cheap) and do quite well on it.  I find that if I focus on my short coming… [more]
  • In general

    Posted on: October 2nd, 2011 at 6:37PM

    Hi--     I consider myself a student of people and psychology (mental and emotional health).  So many of the problems that people have are kind of the same.  I'm well aware of their differences, but the remedies are the same.      Life always presents us, at times, with challenges--that's why it's so important to be up and in motion, moving forward if you will.  I think it's all so important to develop an inner core or discipline.      I think most people should be more selective about the company they keep.  Getting, keeping, and having friends is no different than shopping for a good car.  You want to see the Carfax!! :)!  A number of people are having enough of a time with their own lives… [more]