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I Am Surprised By Myself

Yep, right now. I officially can declare my life ruins, I did it myself, yet I'm calm. I don't have a steady future with weird education choice and a bunch of stress-related illnesses. Yet I'm calm. I... [more]
  • I " Have Been Told I Have a Nice Voice"

    ... But I sound like sweet nine year old girly girl. Can people that eargasm from that be considered pedo?… [more]
  • I Am Pathetic

    How to start... I never thought I'd be in this wrecked state ever, but... Everything I concern about breaks instantly, be it be it relationships, obligations, perspectives or objects. The job I cou… [more]
  • I Can Cook

    I'm actually on to any challenging recipes from arond the world, and I absolutely love the process of cooking. My family shuns me for having exotic tastes, but isn't that good to try something … [more]
  • I Have Lost Weight

    I have an experience of losing about 55 lbs (25 kg). Took me over a year, just by keeping my diet healthy and excercising. I'm now 123 lbs, 5'7" height, keeping the result for fifteen months now.… [more]