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I Will Never Again Stay In a Toxic Relationship

Right On!!!!! I didn't stay in the toxic relationship- I got the hell OUT of it! I'm thankful that he showed his true colors before meeting him face to face and that I had the perspicacity to get out when I did... [more]
  • I Adore Groovimax

    Groovimax Is One Of My Dearest Friends! A nearly extinct breed known as a TRUE FRIEND and he is like a brother to me! He does everything he can to help people and he has a sense of humor that is just AWESOME! He does so much for so many and… [more]
  • I Lol, Rofl, Lmao, Lmfao, Lmmfao, Heh, Jk, Grr, And Omg

    I K R? Lol! Got to share this! My eldest daughter uses every abbreviation she possibly can think of and so, when she laid I K R? on me I knew what it meant because it's her favorite saying or rather the initials … [more]
  • I Have A Groovy Circle

    To Groovimax... I'm sorry I haven't been back in here until now. I'm battling a nasty cold. I love this group and I noted that the logo reads 'thank you for being my friend'. I have two things to say to that my dear … [more]
  • I Want To Know About Islam

    I've Wanted To Know More And More So someone gave me a link to something I wanted but didn't know it existed! A complete download of the Qar'an translated into english! I LOVE IT!… [more]