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I Could Live In Barnes and Noble

I Need Some Major, Major Help Asap. A very good friend of mine has a problem. She's asked me for advice but I don't know what to say. Maybe you can help me help her. Here's the story: My friend lost her job and home. She was helping... [more]
  • I Believe In Reincarnation

    This Was Scary i did this plr that was sort of disturbing. i was 6 years old and already married to some old indian raja or something. i lived in purdah with a bunch of the other wives & some eunuchs. i was the same… [more]
  • I Had a Skunk Encounter

    Skunks Are Nothing To Laugh About. Every state has it's drawbacks. Here in California we've got earthquakes. One year we had a pretty big earthquake. As usual since it wasn't enormous the earth shook, stopped & everyone went on leading… [more]
  • I Am Colombian

    I'm Puerto Rican But..... I LOVE COLOMBIA AND IT'S PEOPLE!   I love your words too like berraco, chimbo, etc... and I adore your accents.  I grew up with a family of Colombians as neighbors and have many Colombian friends. … [more]
  • I Am Puerto Rican

    Calling All Boricuas. I've Got A Good One For You! Some people call it basurero, botero etc... but to us it's the good old SAFACON. But how did we come to call it that? When Spain relinquished Puerto Rico to the Americans; the Yanks moved to our isl… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    I want to quit my job & move wherever they needed my services: Hog Hunting
    My parent's would KILL me for throwing away my education but hey I could work in a local ER part time.  If any of my hogger colleagues got hurt I could diagnose & do whatever I could while we got to a hospital. And I'd be the one with first aid kit and the penicillin shots loaded up & ready to go.But what a life!  You can have a beer or so on the job.  Your BMI would be completely low.  You'd be so physically fit.  You'd feed starving families.  Rid the world of those b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s and work with dogs.  I love dogs.  I should have been a vet.  The patients are much nicer & grateful.  Then the big bonus I could ride my horse a lot & get paid for it! There are no drawbacks.  A pig is nothing … [more]