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I am a professional actress, musician, dancer and part time model.

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I Want to Find My Dream Job

I just seen a job for "Fish Keeper" I know it sounds stupid, but I absolutely love pet fish. I have applied for the job, in hope I can still be an freelancing artist at the same time, only fingers... [more]
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    I Was A Former Cheerleader And Miss The Life! When I first encountered my first cheerleading group (previously did gymnastics, dance and trampoline wanting to fuse all three together.) Those were my first real close friends at the ti… [more]
  • I Can Be Naive But I Am Not Stupid

    Men Really Think I'M Some Dumbass Asian. Here I am going to vent. Well a long time ago, this guy and me went on a date via OkCupid. The guy was pretty cute, very charming and friendly. He told me about his past relationships and… [more]
  • I Am Asian

    I Am South East Asian. Ok, So I thought I'd join the crowd! I am not exactly new here but I thought I'd write a little bio, like some peeps have. As you can see, I am South East Asian, Chinese! Woo… [more]
  • I Am Looking For New Friends

    Looking For New Friends! It is always a fantastic experience to expand friend circles and even so around the world! It is one of those things, even meeting another person across the sea is like an adventure. It does not mean … [more]