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Friendship? I really want to talk to people. Anyone to chat with and be friends with. [more]
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    My Boyfriend
    I find my boyfriend to be supremely attractive. To me, he looks like some kind of God. He may not be a body builder, but I still find his body really defined and attractive. Even his tummy, which is kinda tubby, I love it so much and wanna kiss it. I like to sneak peaks at him; all of him a lot of the time.… [more]
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    Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
    When I finally confided in my mom about suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety, she freaked out. My mom told me that she would do anything in her power to help me and that she would schedule an appointment for me to go see someone. This never happened. I had told my mother not to speak of it to my dad or my sister because I didn't want to involve them. She told my dad the same night.My mother lives in an entirely different state than I told her when she visited. She told me that my dad would handle it after she left. A week later and I'm still talking to her and telling her that he hasn't tried to do anything.My dad then makes me listen to him by turning off the droning noise in the back… [more]
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    Whenever I try a new thing or have to go to school for a brand new year/semester I get so nervous and anxious that I am ready to vomit.Once I did it accidentally when I moved to an entirely new school/state in the middle of the semester. The stress and everything was so great and I didn't know anyone. I hardly knew the name of my new town. I had to talk to the counselor for an hour on my first day before school and I had to run out and vomit. I don't know why I get so scared and nervous still, but  I think it's because of that one experience that makes me associate new things with high amounts of anxiety. … [more]
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    I like to flirt with guys even while in a relationship, but that's all. I don't do anything dirty or kiss them.… [more]