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I Want To Know If You Think Im Attractive Lol

I'm the one laying in the bed with black and white fur, laying next to the girl, what do you think? Am I an attractive kitty? 😅 (I'm actually the girl) [more]
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  • I Have Family Members That Get On My Nerves

    Just Save Me From Them It's mainly my mother, but some of my siblings all around (except one) also get on my nerves. I'll start with one of my brothers(I have three). He's eighteen, when he's bored and I'm arou… [more]
  • I Believe In the Supernatural

    I'm Beginning To Think Something Is Out There Okay, so every since I was little I saw things but it was the usually 'looking in the closet and imagining something in there like a monster'. But as I grew, I saw other things, like, one time a few y… [more]
  • I Love Jokes And Riddles

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were going camping, they pitched their tent under the stars and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, Holmes woke Watson up and said: "Watson, look up at t… [more]
  • I Wrote a Poem

    I'm so happy I could fly from the feeling It funny how it feels Both good and bad The feeling of love The blossom and growth The heart races And the g… [more]