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I love basketball and track. im on here so i can say what i want without anyone i know seeing it. talk to me:)

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    i finally took a step forward and got my friend who cuts some help. Our one teacher said we could talk to him anytime about anything and i emailed him and asked if we could come in and she could talk to him. and we did it she we were their for an hour and a half with her talking to him and him giving her adivce. he is like a second dad to me.we finaaly left and when she left my house sh texted me and said thank you. i knew she wanted to talk to someone she just didnt want to admit it. i love her annd i just dont want to see my bestfriend hurt like that<3… [more]
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    i hate texting people first because i feel like i get annoying. there is this one kid i love texting but i dont text him first any more becuz i think im annoyinggg:P he says im not but i think so.… [more]
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    only told one person this
    i havent been eating alot lately. and my one friend is worried and he keeps telling me i should eat. but its not like im not eating,i stil am just not a lot. can i hurt myself by not eating alot?… [more]
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    i caved in
    last night, i did it again, i cut..:/… [more]