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I Want a Friend to Talk to

This semester is so tough to me. I have no close friends in uni, and always too quiet in the classes . I know that we are all individual human beings, but I wish that someone could talk to me... Fk it... [more]
exsunshinelover has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Think Age Is Only A Number

    I often find men age older than me are attractive, and I like the characteristic of their smartness, thoughtfulness and their experiences of lives. It doesn't mean that I have daddy issue. Cause I act… [more]
  • I Want to Leave Everyone I Know Behind

    I'm so lost in this world... Sometimes i think that all my friends or people that I have known are all sxxxxd and selfish. I love my families, but I just need to be independent and leave alone. … [more]
  • I Prefer People To Get Straight To The Point

    Today, someone's speech was annoying the **** out of me. She kept talking crap while everyone was waiting for her to get to the dominant ideas of her research. Finally, we could hear wha… [more]
  • I Am Allergic To Bullshit

    I go to uni to be educated, not there to listen to professors' nonsense. E.g their family or which countries that have been to ...etc. They always talk about something that don't relate to the class a… [more]