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wow ep hasn't deleted me for two weeks. Maybe someone's on holiday

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I Want to Say This to My Soulmate

I have learnt that soulmates are made not found A soulmate bond is created through an uncritical acceptance of the human reality of the other It is created through holding up to the other... [more]
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  • I Love My Boyfriend

    He is kind. He cares. He travelled 2000 kilometres to see me and he let's me know all the time how much he loves me. He arranged for and bought a beautiful wooden bed fra… [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    For Marco There is a man I love, who I loved yesterday That I think I may have loved In quite a different way It crept up on me by stealth Over a bumpy winding ro… [more]
  • I Love Books

    The stars were shining, the sea was sighing and licking the shells, a glow-worm lit under its belly its little erotic lantern. Night's hair was streaming with dew. Zorba the Greek N… [more]