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I Am Hurting

Doesn't it sux when you like someone and they've made up their mind negatively about you, though they don't know you, because they are seeing you second hand? I hate it when men play... [more]
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  • I Live In a Sexless Marriage

    Update: Dark night of the soul After breaking up with the man that had nudged, prodded, and poked me towards leaving my marriage I was angry. Surely the man who was “so good wit… [more]
  • I Have Legitimate Concerns About Islam And That's Not Bigotry

    Qur’an:8:39 And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah . And if they cease - then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do” Qur’an 9:5 But when the … [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    Looking back it is funny how easily I fell into the trap of becoming 'the other woman.' The first flash of distress - a wounded soul no less, and I dived into the murky water. He told me… [more]
  • I Express Myself Through Writing

    Recipe for a struggling soul... First take your tales and throw them to the sky About everything you think has made or makes you…you Let it be absorbed … [more]