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I Enjoy Doing Crossdress Dares

Buisness Cards I was out walking one evening dressed up and I stopped and looked inside a phone booth. Inside there were a handful of cards, you know the type Sexy Susan and Juicy Lucy that sort of thing. Anyway, it... [more]
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  • I Remember My First Crossdressing Experience

    The First Time. This is an account of the first time I went outside dressed in women’s clothes. I was in my early 20’s and believe it or not, married. My wife was slim and into short skirts and long boots,… [more]
  • I Remember My First Crossdressing Experience

    My First Time In Daylight. Since my wife left I had been dressing up and going out while it was dark, but I had never gone out during the day, this was about to change. I had a day off work and I had finished all the jobs I had… [more]
  • I Go Out Crossdressed

    A Embarrassing Beach Walk After my “I dare you” bicycle ride I found myself daring to push the envelope further, I used the balcony of my flat to try out new skirts and dresses, just to see how they would react in the wind… [more]
  • I Go Out Crossdressed

    Uniform Shopping I was driving home from work one Friday afternoon as I got near my flat I had to pass some nursing Homes, well about eleven different ones to be exact. I thought that if I could get hold of a nurse’… [more]