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I Love a Good Quote

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. [more]
  • I Am a Girl Gamer

    Friend Codes, Pokemon Black And White. I am going to have to start getting friends on my Pokemon games, because I am currently friendless. Oh well, if you have a Pokemon B/W game, PM me with your friend code! And if anyone goes to diecon, … [more]
  • I Torture Myself With Sad Songs

    Here Comes Goodbye I listen to this song all the time, and I cry when I think about past relationships and how the last two ended. My third Boyfriend broke up with me, he was the first one to do it, and his reason was t… [more]
  • I Wtk Your Song Of The Day And Why

    Runaway Love My friend brought her phone to school one day.She made us listen to the song. It seemed weird at first, but after she played it at least 5 times, we were all doing the motions that go with the song. I… [more]
  • I Love Pokemon

    I Love, Scratch That, Hate Pokemon White! I thought pokemon white was so cool. Then I defeated the Elite four, defeated the champion, and started facing Ghetis. My game froze on Ghetis's last pokemon. I hadn't been able to save my game since … [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I'm a hopeless romantic
    Ok, I admit it. I'm a hopeless romantic. I've always had some crush on somebody. Ever since head start, I've had crushes.In my life I've had at least 7 crushes.I would list them, but they're a little too embarrassing.Some were boyfriends for a while, and some I still dream about.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Now I'm having thoughts about a man twice my age....
    I'm starting to like a guy who's around twice my age. I started to like him the first time I saw him him, and I've officially developed a crush on him. I doubted he even knew me.. but he seems to have remembered me( he friended me on Facebook). I saw him wrestling twice. once in September, once this month. He's a really sweet guy, his ego isn't nearly as big as some of the wrestlers he works with. I just wanted to get that out there...… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Young Love: I confess...
    Okay, I'm deeply and madly in love with one of my fellow seventh graders at my school. His name is John, and I center my whole world around him. He's shot me down twice now. I heard he has a bet with someone that he'll stay out of a relationship until the end of high school... A $20 dollar bet.....… [more]
  • Blog#1: The 6th grade Drama pt1: Joey + Me = Stupidity and lame,low break ups????

    Posted on: April 21st, 2012 at 8:15PM

    Hello! This is Fakestories206 with real life blog stories! I Swear on the River Styx that it is all true, completely true,nothing but true, and Ultimate Truthfulness Of ALL TIME!!! So, lets get down to it:                                                                So in the past two weeks, I have experienced the most dramatic time in my life, and none of you can guess what it was about. Go ahead, guess. You have five seconds. Ticktockticktockticktockticktockticktock. Time's up. The answer is: Love. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. This is NOT going to be some little sappy love story that ends in heart break like Romeo and Juliet, Let me tell you RIGHT NOW. It all started on a Thursday… [more]


  • Diecon, here I come!

    Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 at 8:21AM

    Hello! This is Fakestories206 with real life blog stories! I Swear on the River Styx that it is all true, completely true,nothing but true, and Ultimate Truthfulness Of ALL TIME!!! So, lets get down to it:                                                             Leaving for diecon in less than a hour! SO EXCITED!!!   For those who don't know what it is, look it up. Diecon. It's a gaming convention. unfortunately, I won't have internet access all weekend, unless I use my DSi! :( Oh well. I'll post how it went later. People, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND!!!!… [more]