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I am a quiet person usually but am friendly when i get to know people. I am a big fan of anime and like to draw it just as equally too ;3

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I Dreamt Of The Grim Reaper

A Grim Smile in this dream of mine, A man who had crashed landed on a small island started to kill all the inhabitants. He then came upon the last person and ranted to them about all these people he had just... [more]
  • I Am In a Secret Relationship

    Whispers yes i confess i too am in a secret relationship with someone, we have 4 years difference on each other. the relationship is very conflicted at this point both physically and mentall… [more]
  • I Love Him But Can't Have Him

    I Should Know Better. my goodness should i ever known better. i am in love with a special guy but he wants to be strictly for the physical part instead of the emotional, though we both agreed it to be so but i… [more]
  • I Love Someone I Shouldn't

    Shhh i am in love with someone i know i shouldn't be with, i have a boyfriend we have been together for 2 years but this other special person i have known for much longer. he is a tender, funny, caring per… [more]
  • I Have the Most Odd Dreams Sometimes

    Tin Man With A Heart Now recently i had a dream where the characters from the wizard of oz appeared...but they weren't the same as the movie or books. the two distinctive characters i remember are "Dorthy" and "tin man".… [more]