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I Want To Play This Game

Day 7: Four Turn Offs DayHmmm this is mainly a list of characteristics I dont like...hope that's right...1) I hate arrogance2) Lack of consideration for others - being... [more]
FallenAngelWOOT has shared 18 Mature Experiences
  • I Am A Positivity Zone

    The Most Wasted Of All Days Is One Without Laughter. (e.e. Cummings) I love this quote! I find it really hard to be around negative people. There was a time … [more]
  • I Have Had Sleep Paralysis

    Trapped Between Life And Death No-one can prepare you for how scary this experience is. I was wide awake and yet I couldn't move my body or open my eyes.I could hear everything that was going on around me but felt sheer panic… [more]
  • I Love Ep Q And A

    Being Ruined By A Faker I have amended this story after receiving helpful feedback from another member who felt I was bullying and I've removed the usernames of the faker. At the moment EP Q&A is being ruined by … [more]
  • I M Fed Up With All This Bad Luck I'M Having

    I Have A Duck Face Nasty allergic reaction to something - seems like I'm randomly suddenly allergic to loads of things. No-one's sure what but for the time being I am stuck with a swollen duck face.Not sure … [more]