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I am here only for friends. I am not here to show off my sexuality, nor do I want to be given the invitation to 'chat' or exchange naked pictures. The offerings are rather exhausting and very annoying. Please do not waste your time as I will not respond. There is a lot more to me than just breasts and thighs. :D

I am currently in college right now and can't wait to get it all done. I love to play video games (but I do not do so alot but only during spare time or during stress). I am writing a story which I keep close to heart. I love the idea of foods. I'm usually not a diet freak as I like to enjoy life and try different things but I watch my eating and love to exercise.

I do value private time. There is something about quietness and peace that seems relaxing, but I do enjoy getting outdoors. I am very calm and quiet and don't really like a lot of loud environments, like clubs and that nature. I also LOVE ambient, new age, techno music. I am usually very universal about music. I don't listen to alot of what's playing on MTV.

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I Want to Improve the Experience Project

I joined this site a few years ago, and used to log onto it numerous times EVERYday... [more]
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  • School Confessions

    So Much Pressure To Participate!
    What is it with teachers/professors that nag you to participate? I'm not a little child. Don't force me to speak if I don't want to. If I do have something to say, I will say it. If I don't, don't call on me or force me to juggle my comfort or my grade (she will take off points if we don't participate). I mean my classmates are already VERY active. Why isn't that enough? There is so much emphasis in schools that force students to participate or work in groups. The last time I worked in groups two of my teammates were inactive, causing us a very low score on the assignment. I get that preparing us for the workforce involves working with people. But a classroom is different. Get off my back … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Absent Father Stories
    It truly does trouble me; that some men in this world could just give no care for their own flesh and blood. But it is often that Karma bites them in the butt later on in life when they suddenly do care after growing up some. I was visiting some groups that had similar stories, but there was one I ran into where this person will never know becuase not even their mother knows. It's like where do you begin to look? How? What color are his eyes, hair? What is his name?I think often times we blame these mindless fathers only, but I think some women hold responsibility as women do pick their partners most of the time. A hasty trip under the sheets with a person you do not know can end up hurting … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I LOVE my parents!
    Never controllingNever brutalNever judgmentalNever made me feel like I was nothingNever made me feel like I couldn't do anything rightAlways funny, kind, gave advice, watched my back, VERY intelligent!… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    Why do I feel like cats are mean?
    They don't show as much love and affection as dogs do. Dogs would give up their life for you. Cats are quick to attack. They act like they don't really need you when in return you give them a nice place to stay, food, water, and other resources.  I feel like they play games with you. Like OMG such selfish, self-centered arrogant, self-absorbed animals! O_o!… [more]