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About I'm Fate ^^ I'm 13 and I love anime, video games, drawing and cake XD I love all friends I make and plan to make :) I'm much more animated and willing to chat on IM things so if you want add me on and we can talk more :D
Last Seen Apr 26
Member Since Jan 09, 2013
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  • a little American
  • and a little Japanese
  • and a little Dutch
Vices Afraid of the dark, spiders, bugs in general, snakes, bats, heights, cars, and the ocean (I cant swim :( )
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Aquarius
Special day 1-24
Books um....does manga count? If so theres too many to list hehe XD
Music Rock Techno and Jpop ^^ Nano is my current fav artist :D
Movies Anything by Studio Ghibli ^-^
Local Time August 4th, 2:08 PM
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