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I Have An Overweight Family Who Overfed The Kids

My Family I have parents that raised me to fat they very much support my gaining. so I have always been fat exept of about a a year in elementary my parents always wanted a fat kid and I was that for them... [more]
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  • I Want My Parents To Make Me Fat

    My Parents Did My parents made my fat. the best thing that they could for me. Ever since I was little they gave lots of food from sweets to junk food. When I started cheer I was smaller but still very heavy . Then I… [more]
  • I Live In A Fat Positive Household

    I Do so my parents have always liked my fatter the raised me to be obese and since I had a great childhood I want the same for my kids all the fattening treats the not moving around much. so yeah I defitly… [more]
  • I Am Fat and Have Been Almost My Whole Life

    When I Turned 4 I was thin until i turned 4 i weighed 65lbs but i lived qwith my grandma for 6 years.and she let me eat. When i moved out i was 10 and morbidly obese and i couldnt walk be well when got to my house wi… [more]
  • I Get Out Of Breath From Climbing Stairs

    Stairs!!! Haha Since I was very small I had weak legs . As I got fatter I started having difficulty going up stairs . As of today and all the extra weight on my knees I have to take break going up the stairs . I ho… [more]