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    I hate goodbyes.. it's the most painful thing to hear.. You deal with so much persons and later form good relationships with them when suddenly time and space will separate you..… [more]
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    My Realization
    based from my own experience which occurred too many times in my life... Sometimes things seem to fall the way you didn't want them to.. when all your plans are ruined because of some chances you accidentally missed.. and you thought all things are ruined. and later on you'll just whisper, "good thing my plan didn't happen!" For you realized than things turned out to be better when it went the other way instead of your way... Let us keep our trust in God forever... For "to everything, there is a season"… [more]
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    Being True
    Sometimes I feel like I'm so alone, not that all the people around me has left me but because I have a problem of expressing my real emotions. I am afraid that others would not accept me if I do. That's why I, most of the times, do my best to please them rather than do my best to be myself. :-(… [more]