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I Like It When Guys Burp In My Ear

I Love Burps! This is not as unusual as it may sound. I actually have co-workers in my quad of cubicles (all ladies) who talk about and burp all the time. My one friend thinks, like I do, that it's actually sexy... [more]
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  • I Can't Burp

    There Are Many Of Us Who Can't Burp But... I have a noise that emminates from my esophagus that can be quite embarrasing in public situations. I call these noises my 'whale song'. Actually it was my daughter who started calling the noises th… [more]
  • I Believe In Soulmates

    I Find Shopping With My Big Love An Intimate Affair My big handsome man and I just love shopping together. We find ourselves squeezing more than just the melons and Charmin! We have found the laundry aisle to be quite amusing. Both of us love o… [more]
  • I Love My Very Big Man

    Yes, He Is Very Big My love is a very big man in so many ways. He has a big heart, a big warm velvety low voice and, yes, he is very big in stature – many have said he is fat. But those are not his only attractions t… [more]
  • I Want a Cuddle

    The Cuddle Factor He really has it ~ the cuddle factor.   Not only is he big, billowy, soft and warm but he has a voice like a warm velvet blanket that drapes me in such splendid comfort.   I enjoy … [more]